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Practiced for centuries and still a daily ritual for many schoolchildren in China today, Tui Na is an effective form of Eastern massage therapy. Tui Na employs a range of application techniques that stimulate each acupressure point and offer numerous benefits for symptoms related to the entire physical network including the body’s circulatory, respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems.

Mental and Physical Benefits of Tui Na

When combined with other forms of massage, our therapists provide significant relief from muscular tension and many other ailments. Numerous scientific studies have revealed that Tui Na induces the body to release endorphins that promote deep relaxation and reduce anxiety.

Zeng Massage Clinic therapists also use Tui Na to treat the symptoms of various external conditions including sprains, herniated disks and sports injuries. Traditional Eastern healing doctrines indicate that the revitalizing effects of Tui Na act as a preventative medicine by releasing toxins and inhibit illness from developing. As with many Eastern massage therapies, Tui Na is designed to prevent health problems as well as correct them. Call us to book an appointment at the Zeng Massage Clinic center.

The Tui Na Technique

Zeng Massage Clinic experienced massage therapists use the thumb or index finger on specific points of the body and apply gentle but steady pressure on each of these points for anywhere from a few seconds, up to a full minute. Our Winnipeg clients are usually fully clothed during Tui Na massage although in certain instances direct contact is recommended to generate heat and improve blood circulation in particular areas. “Tui Na” literally means push/grasp and consists of a series of pressing, tapping and kneading movements. Our gentle and intuitive practitioners are able to assess the flow of life force energy (“Qi”) and balance and direct it to affected areas in order to improve the well-being of our Winnipeg clients.

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